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Cordless Fan is a Life Saver!

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

We went boating today and this cordless fan really came in handy! I can see how it could really be a life saver during a power outage from a storm as well. There is a hook on it so I think next time we go out I will hook it to the bimini top and use the remote. We love to RV as well so at night you can use the remote to turn the light and fan on or off and can even set the timer for it. As a realtor I am always concerned about my phone dying so the fact that I can use the fan to charge my phone is a huge bonus as well. I will only promote products that truly are beneficial and I feel are great values. This one fits the bill so I have provided my Amazon affiliate link to it below (if you use my link I am compensated through Amazon). Handy device to have!

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