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Free Showing Checklist! Let's Find the Right Home for You!

So, we have done our initial buyer consultation, we have your pre-approval or proof of funds in hand and we are ready to see homes! I will joyfully be spending an incredible amount of time and energy researching for homes that could be a fit for you and I know you will spend hours yourself browsing, too! I am the main point of contact for all of my buyers and sellers, I manage all of the communications, negotiations and flow of the transaction process. To be as accessible as possible I team up with fellow agents to get you into the homes of interest when I am busy behind the scenes making things happen! Once we dial in the home you want to place an offer on I will view that home thoroughly either in person or virtually and research recent comparable sales. You and I will work closely together to craft an attractive offer considering the terms and conditions in addition to the price we are offering. This checklist will be helpful to you in previewing homes, especially when we pinpoint "THE ONE!"

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