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Investment Properties

Did you know I have investors getting $1800-$2000 a month rent on their $135k-$175k cash real estate investments. They earn a return on their money plus they own the physical asset to sell in the future. I have also helped people make $20,000 on wholesale deals, net $30k-100k on small investment flips and accumulate millions in equity (I am not exaggerating! On multi-million dollar properties).

I am always here ready to go to work for you to get you into the right home for this stage of your life or help you create additional income with an investment property. Is this the right time to buy? Regardless of pricing, interest rates, there are always people that NEED TO SELL FAST or they way overpriced their listing, it's gone stale and they have finally come back to earth and are ready to negotiate! I always work at my buyer's pace whether you are just contemplating a purchase in the future or need to buy now.

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