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The Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home for the Most Profit in the Least Amount of Time and Headaches!

Here are the details of what you need to know before selling your home!

While selling your home "by owner" can be done, you can also repair your car and replace your roof. For certain individuals this might work out well. For most people these tasks are best left to an honest and proficient professional that completes this type of work on a regular basis or they could face costs and damages far beyond any money they thought they would save.

Choosing the Right Agent #1: The key to success

Heading #2: What are the Nuts and Bolts of Your Guide?


#1: Choosing the Right Agent

Choosing the wrong agent can be a costly mistake!

The right agent will genuinely care about you and your family and treat the sale of your home as if it were their own! They will not be out for the quick sale, pricing it well below market to get to a quick commission. While there are times when a seller needs to sell "yesterday" depending on market conditions, the homeowner should be made aware of the "quick sale" price that will bring multiple offers immediately, the "will sell" price, meaning that it is priced on target for the current market value and is competitive with other active competition, and the "could sell" price, meaning you could test the market at a higher price because there are buyers out there that are not as value conscious as others, but you may end up dropping the price. The right agent will be an active agent that is producing sales even in a tough market, experienced and adept at negotiating, communicative and accessible, and DOES NOT "KNOW EVERYTHING". Beware of the agent that seems to have ALL of the answers because every single home and transaction has it's own set of circumstances and nuances.

Is Your Home Ready? #2: Is Your Home Ready to Capture the Most Value?

Let's make sure your home is prepared to capture the highest value! We need to make sure it's going to shine online and show well when prospects come through. Never under estimate the power of staging a home correctly! A strong agent will give you tips on anything you can do with minimal cost and effort that will increase the positive impact. There are times and circumstances for distress sales or estate sales where it makes sense to sell the home "as is, where is" and the right agent will advise you on what might be best in your particular circumstance.

Flexibility #3: Being Sensitive to the Feedback and Results the Marketing of Your Home is Bringing

The right agent will coach you on whether it's time to adjust the price because sometimes the market may even shift while you have your home listed or the pool of buyers is too price sensitive at the time and is not seeing the value at the price you have the home listed for. When you see homes sit on the market for months and months it is usually because the seller is not receptive to the advice their listing agent may be providing.

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